• Design Your Life A 6 week journey (that meets in Houston) to gain clarity, insight and inspired action to create YOUR Dream Life. This group meets weekly to magnetize more joy, more laughter, more fun, more wealth, more health and more of you sharing YOUR gifts with the world. You choose what you are ready to create! The group experience creates an inspiring and supportive synergy.
  • Kaleidoscope of Perspective A teleclass designed to shift your reality. Our point of view creates our reality. How is your reality working for you? Are you experiencing stress and struggle? Would you like to experience more grace & ease? We often operate from old beliefs (conscious and unconscious) that no longer serve us. These often create very limited points of view. What if you could shift your perspective? Like trying on a new pair of glasses. Could your world change?



  • Design Your Life – Are you happy with your work, home, relationships, and health? Be the deliberate creator of your life. We cover the highlights of the material of the 6 week course. I take this show on the road – Are you interested in having me come to your town?
  • Rituals – These are celebrations and acknowledgement of beginnings and endings (births, deaths, end of relationships) including rites of passages that are tailored to your specific needs. We also offer Clearing Energy & Blessing of your home, office or property.



  • An invitation to a restorative holistic experience that embraces your body, mind and spirit in a beautiful environment. Each retreat is specifically designed to a particular focus.