Kaleidoscope of Perspective

Your Point of View creates your reality.

How is your reality working for you?
Are you experiencing stress and struggle?
Would you like to experience more grace & ease?

We often operate from old beliefs (conscious + unconscious) that no longer serve us. These often create a very limited points of view.
What if you could shift your perspective? Like trying on a new pair of glasses.
Could your world change?

Join me for a monthly Teleclass to explore the possibilities.

This call is on the last Tuesday of each month – $35 per call includes recording
Become a member ( pay for 6 classes in advance) and receive a
Gift of a 30 minute laser coaching session – a value of $150

Tuesday – 8/30/2016 – 7pm-8pm(central) in the comfort of your own home
9/27/16, 10/25/16, 11/29/16, 12/27/16, and 1/31/2017
Call in number provided upon registration and payment.
Are you Ready for Change ?