My Story

I am a Designer, Muse and Possibilitarian.

Mary Wilson - - Interior Design - Houston TX
I have a life long passion for creating beauty + harmony in people’s lives. I believe our environment ( home, office, etc.) and how we live our lives are intimately connected and are a reflection of each other.
As a Designer, I get up close + personal with you and your environment and create award winning interiors that reflect who you are. In my interior design practice I see the transformational process that occurs in people’s lives. I also see where people are ‘playing small’ and not allowing themselves to Live Beautifully.

This is where the Muse comes in to play! I put my experience, training and intuition together to provide inspiration for designing a life you love. This shows up as life coaching, classes, workshops and retreats.

Being a Possibilitarian is the culmination of all these things! It is a knowing that all things are possible. It makes what I do incredibly fun and unique to each person and project. It is not about my version of Living Beautifully, it is about determining what Living Beautifully is to you and creating it!